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Any content that appears in Charlando de Minas is not investment advice. Amadeu Bonet and any of the guests are not investment advisors. We might have an interest in the companies mentioned in this publication. Always assume the speakers are biased. These episodes are a journal of my learning in the natural resource investment.


The information provided in this publication – and all other publications by Charlando de minas – is impersonal in nature and meant for general information purposes only. It is also worth what you paid for it. If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. Expect to see advertisements – which will be verbally disclosed – in this video. Before taking any action on any investment, it is imperative that you consult with multiple licensed, experienced, and qualified investment advisors. Get numerous opinions before taking your own decision in the end. The minimum risk on any investment mentioned in this publication is 100% loss of capital.


Readers are cautioned that this presentation likely contains forward-looking statements about expected future events and the financial and operating performance of any companies potentially discussed herein. Reality often varies from people’s expectations. Managements like over-promising and under-delivering. If a manager was speaking in here, beware. Readers are encouraged to read the Cautionary Note on Forward-Looking Information and to consult the Company’s Annual Information Form, which is available on Reading the full disclaimer on the disclaimer page on this website is mandatory.

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