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Hi, I'm Amadeu Bonet, a private investor in natural resources and a content creator.


Since I started investing I found the world of natural resources fascinating. However, all the information available on the networks is in English and the information in Spanish was non-existent.

Although many of the mining companies are located in Spanish-speaking countries, with Spanish-speaking managers, there were no interviews in Spanish and all were limited to English. Being so important when making a final investment decision.

Then the idea arose of capturing the ideas from my study to invest in natural resources in podcast format and thus have a guide in Spanish for anyone who wanted to educate themselves on investing in natural resources.

This project started one afternoon in the summer of 2021 and the first podcast program was broadcast in September on Spotify. Since then the response has been exceptional. 

On this website, you will find access to the podcast, educational material, and a list of companies and collaborations made.

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In Charlando de Minas, we believe in financial education and investment in natural resources should be for everyone and we want to help spread it in the Spanish-speaking society. Do you think the content is of quality and helps the community? Has the content been useful to you?

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