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Andorran jewelry was founded by Antonio García Reyes, in 1968, his first store was located in the neighborhood of San Idelfonso, in Cornellá.

They currently have three establishments, one in Cornellá, one in Barcelona and another in Bilbao, where you can find the best facilities to carry out any type of finding a wide variety of physical investment products, including gold and silver coins and ingots. and diamonds. Goods Delivery certified by LBMA refineries. 

Their extensive experience allows them to provide different advisory services for investments in precious metals, in the same way they are official distributors in Spain of houses as prestigious as the British Mint, the Bank of Mexico or the Perth Mint. In its catalog you will find pieces such as Maple Leaf, Kangaroos, Krugerrand, among others. In addition, we offer some services to our clients such as Silver without VAT, gold custody and the repurchase of gold at home. 

Andorrano Joyeria sponsors the economy chapters of Charlando de Minas


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